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     Get Real.

    Welcome to Clinkenbeard’s mechanical prototypes division dedicated to the Product Realization process — helping our customers quickly go from concept to working prototype.

Mechanical Prototypes

Our mechanical prototypes serve a variety of purposes in many different applications. Discover which prototype you need and watch your product come to life.

Design, Review & Fit Check

With Clinkenbeard’s sophisticated processes and technology, we produce tangible, three-dimensional models of finished designs for customers nationwide. The models look and feel just like the real, completed product. This prototype allows engineers to verify the design for initial assembly, as well as for disassembly and maintenance. It can be used for testing and quality control and as a marketing tool for promotion, presentation and focus group research.

Mockups also allow non-engineering departments to touch, feel and provide their input to design the best quality product. Changes are inexpensive at the mock-up level and increase exponentially as you reach the production tooling level.

Show Quality Mockups

Clinkenbeard offers a solution to help customers build higher booth traffic at trade shows. Creating high-quality tradeshow mockups, cut aways and models can help capture attention and sales!.

Show quality mock-ups are essential for new business development. Mock-ups allow your engineering and product development ideas to be instantly visualized, as well as give you tangible credibility. Clinkenbeard creates high quality mock-ups manufactured from customer supplied 3D CAD model or drawings. Clinkenbeard cutaways can be produced to actual size, or a percentage of actual size, based on your needs, in the metal or plastic material you require.

Clinkenbeard is industry known for the highest quality engineering and trade show quality mock ups for the aerospace, automotive, and heavy truck industries, plus many other industries. As a mockup builder and mockup supplier for more than 35 years, Clinkenbeard mockups regularly appear at trade shows worldwide.

Training Devices

Training employees on expensive, complicated parts, just got more cost effective. Clinkenbeard can create a full size mockup of a piece for a fraction of the cost.

Recently, Clinkenbeard created a full scale engine that will be used as a hands-on instructional tool for maintenance training. By combining engineered and machined prototypes with available production parts, Clinkenbeard was able to replicate an entire engine assembly that allows mechanics to simulate actual maintenance tasks and manipulate the modular components of the engine.


About Clinkenbeard

Clinkenbeard is a Model-to-Machine (M2M) Group Company and global leader in the rapid prototyping and production of complex cast and machined parts using a wide variety of metals and plastics. It serves companies large and small in a wide range of industries throughout the world. The company produces rapid delivery of machined castings and machined parts from solid stock, as well as engineering and trade show quality product mock ups.

Throughout all of our service lines, one thing remains consistent – we specialize in making products come to life. What begins as an idea, culminates in a real product at Clinkenbeard. When we initiate projects, we know that product is about to get real.